Theomatics and Eschatology

No aspect of theomatics research over the years, has illicited more interest and more questions, than the subject of eschatology. People want to know what this code in the Bible reveals about Bible prophecy and end time events. When is Jesus going to return to planet earth? What is going to happen after He gets here?

Much of what is being promoted today, in books and on television, is little more than fiction and fantasy. The discoveries that have been made in theomatics paint a whole different picture relative to this subject of Bible prophecy. Students of Bible prophecy have built incredible superstructures, most of them based upon false and untrue premises. They have presumed that certain things in the Bible should be taken "literally." But God may have something vastly different in mind relative to the books of Daniel and Revelation.

In both Theomatics II and The Original CODE in the BIBLE, all of this is discussed extensively. Without elaborating, theomatics does not substantiate what is commonly known of as "pre-millennial dispensationalism." In fact, theomatics totally blows to pieces 90% of everything being taught today about so called, "end time events."

NOTE: Premillennial dispensationalism is the dominant position among American evangelicals ~ all those who teach that Israel returning to Palestine in 1948 is the fulfilment of Bible prophecy. Dispensationalism teaches that God has two distinct bodies of people, Israel and the Church. There is a different plan and eternal destiny for each of these two peoples. The church's hope is eternal bliss in heaven. They will be taken out of this world and raptured to heaven before the "great tribulation." Israel's hope is an earthly kingdom. At the end of the "great tribulation," Christ will return in the clouds, and set up His kingdom upon earth that will last for 1000 years. The temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem, animals will again be sacrificed on the altars, and all of the Old Testament prophecies will be fulfilled literally. However, the Jewish people living in Israel today, will not become "Christians" until after they see Jesus landing on the mount of Olives. At that time they will all fall down and accept Him as their Messiah.

 Just about everything being taught today in the Christian media about Bible prophecy, is based entirely on the above. Books by Hal Lindsey, such as The Late Great Planet Earth, have championed this view point, as virtually all ministries on radio and television that deal with the end times.

What prophecy scholars have failed to recognize, is that God uses numbers symbolically in the Bible (especially in the Book of Revelation). People are trying to take things literally that perhaps God never intended. There is a deeper symbolical and spiritual meaning present. Many of these "prophetic" passages of Scripture do relate to this earth and its times and events. But they do so in a different context of meaning, than what just about everybody is looking for in the Bible. God may have a completely different picture in mind, something vastly greater and infinitely more precious than what just about everybody is trying to figure out.

Understanding theomatics will clear up many of the difficulties and much of the confusion that exists today among Christians.

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